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In many countries, people now wear Western clothes (suits, jeans) rather than traditional clothing. Why? Is this a positive or negative development?
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Many people forget their history and culture, so some people suggest encouraging people to wear their traditional clothing every day. Do you agree?
Youngsters today argue that we must learn to go with the global flow and therefore, to take up new trends is a better option:
1. Western trends tend to offer freedom of expression. One can add his or her own tastes and ideas to them, and they are quite classy, stylish, and attractive.
2. Following new trends help people, especially teenagers, cope with peer pressure, and it even results in acceptance among liberal and contemporary people.
3. It is believed that modern clothes make youngsters feel confident as they know that they are portraying a contemporary image of themselves and help them from becoming prey to self-consciousness.
4. Western-style clothes are convenient, comfortable, and give us the option of flexibility in the sense that we can change our dressing style day in and day out.
A handful of people still believe that our traditional clothes represent our culture and identity, and to let go of them will be like discarding our own culture:
1. Traditional clothes, on the other hand, represent our culture and identity. It is necessary to hold on to them if we wish to preserve our traditions. If we are not going to promote our customs, nobody will, and it will likely become extinct.
2. People wearing their national dresses symbolize unity. Researches conducted on this subject showed that youngsters wearing traditional clothes, irrespective of western pressure, had fewer behavioral and emotional problems. The reason being that they are in touch with their ancestral culture, religion, and traditions and thus not confused about their identity or who they are.
In recent decades, many countries wear suits and jeans as their daily clothes even rather than their own countries' costumes. Although some traditionalists judge this trend as a negative pattern, the benefits it brings to nations should not be unjustifiable.
On the one hand, Western cloth acts as a deterrent for national culture and the domestic economy. First, since local people are reliant on modern clothes both at work and in daily life, their unique traditional ones are likely to be undervalued. Although Aodai is one of Vietnamese tangible cultures, hardly can people, even the locals can easily see Vietnamese women wearing Aodai on the street, except for some required by their career characteristics such as teachers or restaurant receptions. Second, taxes imposed on foreign clothes benefit the export countries at the expense of the important ones. Moreover, since the apparel industry accounts for a sizeable economic proportion, this exotic trend can drive a nation to be less affluent.
On the other hand, Western cloth import also has its advantages in terms of various choices and honors for traditional costumes. First, cloth corporations overseas contribute to a competitive apparel market where consumers can choose their favorite with the lowest cost. In practice, suits and jeans do not require either hand washing or warm water like silk or feather material fabric; it is more economical and less time-consuming. Finally, suppose people wear traditional clothes daily. In that case, it tends to become usual in foreigners' eyes so that Western cloth appears as a substitute for enhancing the values of its costume. For example, now that the Japanese white-collar workers dress in suits and shirts for business while they wear Kimonos on some special occasions, Kimonos is well-known worldwide and becomes its symbol.
In conclusion, while Western clothes are believed to cause harm to nations, the opposite side appears to be more persuasive, which means in terms of either culture or economy, wearing Western clothes allows both the nations and the locals to have more benefits by giving them wider ranges of choices and values.
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